Direct lenders seek opportunities in trade finance market


Private credit funds are turning to trade finance strategies in increasing numbers, attracted by the attractive yields on offer. Global trade finance is a well established market, functioning international trade, investment flows and economic growth, but only recently have direct lenders begun to enter the space. Direct lenders are finding increasing opportunities in trade finance as ... read more...

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Bridging the $1.5trn trade finance shortfall


Alternative lenders are stepping into the gaps as banks scale back from trade finance lending In late 2017, the Asian Development Bank estimated a $1.5trn shortfall between the demand and supply of trade finance, leaving deals undone and economies worse off . This gap is approximately 10% to 20% of the trade finance market, which ... read more...

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Introduction to physical commodities


Physical commodities cover many types of goods including many of the most important materials that form the backbone of the global economy. These can include primary raw materials such as oil, metal ores and concentrates, coal and agricultural goods, and also secondary products that are refined such as oil products, different forms of gas, refined ... read more...

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Trade Finance: Funding Tradewinds


Trade finance can offer an illiquid position in a volatile market, but its idiosyncratic nature can dissuade investors International trade in manufactured goods and commodities underpins the global economy – with $16trn in 2016, forecast to grow to $19trn by 2020 according to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Cambridge Associates estimates 10% of these ... read more...

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