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Closing The Gap


Audentia Global investor relations head Sophia Vanco and chief of staff Nick Makin answer SCI’s questions Q: How and when did Audentia Global become involved in the capital relief trades market? NM: Audentia was founded 2.5 years ago by its co-chief investment officers Fasil Nasim and Chris Newman, who had previously worked together in ... read more...

Closing The Gap2020-03-31T12:40:01+00:00

Shop talk: Basel IV tests alternative funds in commodity finance


With banks having to implement the finalised version of Basel III (commonly called Basel IV) by 1 January 2022, regulatory requirements are becoming ever complex. TXF spoke to Fasil Nasim, co-founder of alternative fund Audentia Global, to discuss the implications of changing regulations on the commodity trade finance sector. TXF: Are banks fully aware of the ramifications ... read more...

Shop talk: Basel IV tests alternative funds in commodity finance2020-01-14T12:27:42+00:00

New opportunities in old markets: the changing world of Global Trade Finance


With the decade rapidly coming to an end, risk indicators suggesting an impending economic downturn, and the market’s attention focused on heightened geopolitical risk, it is no wonder investors are seeking uncorrelated strategies in their hunt for return. For some, this means reshaping portfolios with alternative strategies that offer better protection for investors’ capital. ... read more...

New opportunities in old markets: the changing world of Global Trade Finance2020-01-08T14:08:57+00:00

How lenders can plug the gaps in global trade flows


Hidden behind the headlines about trade wars, a lesser-known but equally troubling lack of finance could damage supply chains. With bank lending hit by regulators, can private debt firms be the answer? John Bakie investigates Global trade has made headlines in recent years as the UK plans to exit the EU and the US and ... read more...

How lenders can plug the gaps in global trade flows2019-09-02T11:02:03+00:00

Why commodity trade finance needs private lenders


Structural changes in the trade finance industry present opportunities for lenders, argues Mikael Bonalumi of Audentia Capital Management. For more that 3,000 years, holders of capital have enabled and supported the exchange of goods through evolving mechanisms that we have come to know as trade finance. Along the way, shifts in the structure and ... read more...

Why commodity trade finance needs private lenders2019-07-08T16:03:43+00:00

The Next Generation of Trade finance investors


With the banks struggling to bridge the trade finance gap that has opened up since tighter regulations were introduced post-crisis, a global shortage of funding is forcing a wave of innovation in the trade finance market. We see alternative private credit providers moving in to the space, fintech solutions now emerging and blockchain platforms ... read more...

The Next Generation of Trade finance investors2019-07-02T15:56:54+00:00

Direct lenders seek opportunities in trade finance market


Private credit funds are turning to trade finance strategies in increasing numbers, attracted by the attractive yields on offer. Global trade finance is a well established market, functioning international trade, investment flows and economic growth, but only recently have direct lenders begun to enter the space. Direct lenders are finding increasing opportunities in trade finance as ... read more...

Direct lenders seek opportunities in trade finance market2019-06-24T11:18:50+00:00

Bridging the $1.5trn trade finance shortfall


Alternative lenders are stepping into the gaps as banks scale back from trade finance lending In late 2017, the Asian Development Bank estimated a $1.5trn shortfall between the demand and supply of trade finance, leaving deals undone and economies worse off . This gap is approximately 10% to 20% of the trade finance market, which ... read more...

Bridging the $1.5trn trade finance shortfall2019-05-29T14:31:23+00:00