The Need for Alternative Credit

Regulatory changes have significantly reshaped financial markets over the past decade. These changes are having a profound impact on global trade and, despite being in the public domain, are still not well understood.

Audentia Global drives economic growth by working with debt providers and investors to finance trade in real assets.

As experts in physical commodities transactions, financing and credit structuring, we created Audentia to bridge the growing annual $1.5 trillion funding gap, providing investors with access to innovative credit strategies.

Source: ICC Trade Register Report 2016

Our Approach

Audentia Global drives economic growth

Audentia’s partnerships and investments focus on supporting the global trade finance industry, an $18+ trillion market. We make structured credit investments with global trade finance banks and major corporates in physical commodity transactions and financing structures.

Audentia de-risk and optimise transactions

We believe our edge lies in our expertise. The Audentia team has a long-term track record in all facets of the physical commodity trading industry. Our team draws from direct practical experience in physical commodity trading, derivative price risk management, structuring physical commodity finance and advanced credit/ synthetic credit structuring. This allows Audentia to create, build and execute investments in a completely wholistic and unique way.

Adentia Global - experts in commodities transactions

Unlike traditional funds within the physical commodity trade finance sector, Audentia offers a distinctively innovative approach to investing, designed to target attractive, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Working with Audentia


Trade Finance is a compelling asset class, which has – until now – remained relatively untapped by investors. Despite its global impact, most investors remain unaware of the depth of the opportunity.

Led by a highly-experienced team, Audentia’s investment strategy seeks to deliver secure, attractive, risk-adjusted returns, uncorrelated to traditional asset classes with diversification benefits.


Partners choose Audentia Global because we offer a commercial approach that compliments the challenges in the financing of physical commodities.

With our banking partners, we use unique credit structures to make investments across the Commodity sector in regulatory capital relief type transactions.

With our physical trading counterparts, we use purpose-built credit structures to bring down the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) of our partners’ financing arrangements while making direct investments.


Audentia’s experienced Investment Committee skillfully and comprehensively assesses the full spectrum of risks associated with these types of transactions.

Audentia also has the reserves and capability to de-risk transactions where applicable, including: Physical and Operational Risk Management, Derivative Price Risk Management, Credit Risk Management, Structural and Idiosyncratic Risk Management